Position Statements

San Franciso Delenda Est

“Violence is never the answer (except for dealing with Nazis). Also, everyone who isn’t a Democrat is a Nazi. Also, moderate Democrats, whites, and men. Finally, America is a fascist state run by Nazis.

Now, in November, we’ll win because Love Trumps Hate. Also, because we won’t accept any elections won by Nazis (i.e. not ‘women of color’)”

Stacey Abrams (obviously satirical)

The ‘Right’ Must Fight Back

Since Trump became a serious candidate for President, there has been a noted escalation in the tactics used by his opponents. Politics has always been personal; at its core, even a presidential campaign is a glorified popularity contest. Throughout history, these conflicts have been resolved a number of ways, but most often through violence. The latter is the method of choice for today’s progressives.

Non-Violent Violence

Today, the ‘civilized’ folk from the ivory towers of academia and entertainment don’t actually physically harm us, generally; even when they do, they’re lousy shots who only manage to get themselves killed. Sure, sometimes they punch somebody, but big deal (unless it’s one of them, in which case, it’s a travesty). Besides, some people could benefit from getting punched in the face.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s bullshit. Of course, liberals don’t use violence; none of them know how to use a gun, and the right-wing inclinations of military and law enforcement are well-established. Besides, a significant portion of the Democratic base is committed to trashing these institutions. Rather, liberals destroy the lives and careers of anyone who doesn’t kiss the ring and kneel at the altar of political correctness.

Violence by other means…is still violence

Why should we fight these okra-munchers and Big Bertha feminists on their terms? Clearly, they control the media, the entertainment industry, and have such a stranglehold on academia that they won’t even hire conservatives. Does anybody really think the Silicon Valley turds at Google and Facebook are fair arbiters of free speech? When the other side controls what you are allowed to say and demands dissent is met with metaphorical crucifixion from employers, advertisers, and even friends and family, it’s stupid to try to fight them on their home turf (i.e. the media and internet).

I’m not advocating physical violence, per se; however, turning the other cheek isn’t working, and I don’t consider the tactics used by progressives to be appreciably different. The current revulsion to physical violence is more indicative of the Nerf-ball world Westerners, in general, occupy and the fact that progressives are granola-crunching pansies. When they can use physical violence, they do.

Pictured- People who don’t scare me all that much. Also, the middle one looks like Bill Hader, and now I can’t unsee it.

Alea Iacta Est

The Brett Kavanaugh hearings are the moment, for me, where progressivism evolved from a nuisance (albeit one necessary for a healthy democracy) into an existential threat. I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you that Kavanaugh is perfectly innocent; if nothing else, Senator Murkowski was right is saying that his conduct during the hearing was unbecoming of a Supreme Court Justice. However, the argument over Kavanaugh’s guilt/innocence completely misses the point.

Only a complete and total moron could have looked at the evidence and felt certain about what happened thirty-five years ago (two years longer than I’ve been alive, for the record). I have no idea what happened between Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford; that’s exactly the point. I have no way of knowing, and neither did anyone on the left. The difference is they didn’t care whether he was guilty or not.

I don’t want him on SCOTUS; therefore he’s a rapist.
-Liberal logic

For them, being a conservative was enough to condemn him. The fact that he was also white and male meant his defense didn’t matter; he was guilty of being conservative, and it was the moral duty of everyone to ‘shut up‘ and condemn him.

MoveOn DID, undeniably, use false allegations to derail Kavanaugh

Lost in the argument and the noise over the Blasey-Ford allegations is the fact that MoveOn activists DID fabricate allegations against Kavanaugh, purely for the purpose of keeping him off the Court. Clearly, for George Soros’ sycophants, false allegations are fair game, if you’re defeating a right-wing SCOTUS nominee. Keep in mind, there is absolutely no way to defend yourself once accused; women MUST be believed (unless Biden’s accused).

What if Ford had lied?

Pretend Dr. Ford had made everything up; some may wish to deny that this could possibly ever happen (despite the multiple times it literally happened during this entire episode). Still, humor me. What, exactly, would be different? Absolutely nothing. She couldn’t even specify a year or location. It’s hardly difficult to imagine a classmate with a grudge – or an ardent #Resistance member – would throw something out there to advance their political agenda. Given the reaction of the left to Dr. Ford, all it would take is a ‘lone-wolf’ accusation to destroy a man’s life (provided he’s right-wing, of course).

The light most favorable to progressives is…still pretty bad

Pulling a complete one-eighty, let’s assume that Dr. Ford told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Where’s that leave us? Dr. Ford looks a lot better; the Democrats’ activist base does not.

When representing a rape victim ‘survivor’, the most important thing is to figure out how to best exploit her pain and suffering for political gain – that’s the ‘Katz’ guarantee.

Simply put, if Dr. Ford’s integrity is as unquestionable and undeniable as her supporters represent, then her attorneys, representatives, and possibly even her friends looked at someone who’d been raped and saw a political golden ticket. Remember her testimony. She testified that she didn’t plan to go public, didn’t know the committee had offered to fly to CA, and didn’t know how the information got released. That means, by process of elimination, somebody outed a rape victim to derail an inevitable confirmation, and her attorneys stonewalled, obstructed, and delayed the Judiciary Committee without her knowledge, going so far as to deny Dr. Ford a more comfortable setting for her testimony by keeping the Committee’s offers of accommodation from their client. This is unacceptable and not something that decent people can turn a blind eye to.

Not an isolated incident

Were this an isolated incident, one could be inclined to chalk it up to ‘confirmation psychosis’; unfortunately, it is not. Mozilla’s CEO was fired for a relatively minor donation to Prop 8; keep in mind, this contribution was six years prior and to a cause of which, at the time, Senator Barack Obama was sympathetic, if not outright supportive. Ellen Page tried to destroy Chris Pratt’s career. His crime was attending church.

When James Carville says Republicans are “willing to kill people” to stay in power, the implications are clear. He may not have the courage to straight up say it, but he’s making clear that the Democrats must be willing to do the same. So should we. Just because Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, and Michelle Wolf prefer to attack with immunity from the comfort of their ivory towers doesn’t mean we should fight this battle on their turf.

They’ve taken our careers. They harass us in public, attack us in our yards, and when we try to hold anyone responsible, they pass the buck while simultaneously demanding ALL Republicans be held accountable for Trump’s actions. It’s not a fight we on the right can win because we keep accepting their terms – how can you reason with a group of people who thinks their feelings justify any and all actions? Especially when they control all forms of communications and regularly use this power to silence critics and economically destroy those who don’t kiss the ring of social justice.

Unity and Escalation

The response of the right to these attacks must be firm, uncompromising, and united. The leftist MO is clear; they will destroy anyone who questions progressive ideology. There are many on the right I dislike; however, I will defend them because it’s crystal-clear that MoveOn’s lynchmob can and will be directed at anyone – innocent or otherwise – who defies the will of the social justice left.

TL;DR- Don’t be a bitch

Likewise, we must call out this bullcrap even when it may not be in our immediate interest to do so. Take the example of Pete Davidson, forced to apologize for suggesting that Dan Crenshaw looked like a hitman in a porno movie. Personally, I hope Crenshaw runs for POTUS sooner rather than later, but he does wear an eyepatch. It stands out, not the least because Crenshaw chose a career in the halls of Congress rather than the deck of a pirate ship. It’s also important to note that Pete Davidson is a comedian. It’s literally his raison d’etre to comment on these things.

My point here is that we have the moral high ground. Progressives are so wrapped up in their ideologically-driven sense of moral superiority that they can justify any actions they want, up to literal (attempted) murder, by stacking turtles upon turtles and telling themselves that they’re standing up for the ‘oppressed’ (as defined by Marxist professors, of course). However, when right-wingers engage in political opportunism, attacking people like Pete Davidson or Kathy Griffin for actions that are well within their 1st Amendment rights, we lose the high ground. Rather than stoop to their level and let them win with experience, I prefer the more honest Greg Gianforte* approach.

*Footnote- I would like to clarify that, as a rule, I’m AGAINST punching journalists in the face (or ‘body-slamming’ them, to use the words of a certain whiny little bitch). There are exceptions, however.